Franchisors are expected to be experts in their particular trade, but they are not necessarily experts in franchise management. Lack of franchise "know-how" can be a lethal blow to franchisors, so we provide a unique management assistance program. When a business' success can be repeated through the use of an "operating system", that business may be a candidate for franchising. A proven operating system is the heart of every quality franchise. We help establish a method to achieve good organization.

Franchise development programs

feasibility studies, business plans, pre legal documents, recruiting, training, web site building, operation manuals, marketing and sales materials.

Consulting for established franchisors

lead generation programs, franchise brochures, videotapes, international brokerage, public relations and expert witness services.

Expansion assessment

analyze the capabilities / resources of various business systems to assist both internal and external decision makers in assessing the feasibility of franchising, licensing, dealer conversion, venture capital funding, etc...